Fabrice Berrué

Research Interests:
Discovery and development of marine-derived natural products with applications in human health and wellness.
  • Isolation, purification, and  structure elucidation of natural products.
  • Evaluation of biological and physical properties of purified metabolites
Development of fast and robust tools for the  secondary metabolome exploration of microbial extracts using LC-HRMS anlyses combined with statistical analyses (PCA, cluster analysis).
  • Chemical dereplication of  bacteria according to their metabolic profiling using LC-HRMS and statistical analysis.
  • Investigation of innovative methodologies to induce the production of silent natural products
Management of the laboratory analytical platform including two LC-HRMS instruments (Exactive and LTQ-Orbitrap Velos), LCMS directed fraction collector system,  three LC semi-preparative systems and a GC-MS.
  • Validation of new analytical methods to characterize quantitatively and qualitatively bioactive compounds and crude extracts.
  • Development of innovative strategies for the fractionation and purification of natural products.

Developement in partenership with Nautilus Biosciences of a wide range of natural products with personal care application such as small chemical entities with UV protective activity, antidandruff agents, biosurfactants and surface active metabolites and secreted small proteins and polysaccharides.

PhD degree in bioorganic chemistry, Nice, France (2005)
M. Phil. in organic chemistry, University of Manchester, UK. (2000)
Diploma from the National Institute of chemistry of Montpellier, France (2000)
Work Experience:
Senior Scientist, Nautilus Biosciences Canada Inc (part time)
Research Manager (management of the chemistry section)
Laboratory of Prof. Kerr, University of Prince Edward Island, Canada.
ATER, Nice 
Half-time: Assistant professor. Course in organic chemistry (Master level).
Half-time: Research project in biomimetic synthesis of bioactive polyketides.
Laboratory of bioorganic chemistry, Nice, France.
PhD on “Isolation of new compounds with antitumoral activity from marine sponges” realised in the research group of Dr Philippe Amade.
CAFAC, Lille, France.  
Product manager, from design phase to marketing, on high value technical rubber products.
Management of customers from Paris and the around area.
Laboratory of Prof. Sutherland, University of Manchester, England.
Study and synthesis of cephalosporin derivatives by a semi synthetic pathway.
Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona, Spain. (2 month) 
Elaboration of new ligands for the synthesis of organometallic compounds.
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