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Marieke Vansteelandt

Research Interests:

Discovery and development of novel bioactive compounds produced by fungi isolated from the marine environment: cultures, extractions, purification and characterization. Chemical dereplication through metabolomic tools
PhD in Marine Natural Products (2011)
Laboratoire Mer Molécules Santé (EA2160), Université de Nantes, France
 PharmD (2008)
Université de Nantes, France 
Master degree in Biological and Medical Sciences (2007)
Université de Nantes, France


Work Experience:
Post-doctoral fellow
“Search for pancreatic lipase inhibitors from marine microorganisms”
“Exploration of the secondary metabolome of fungi using metabolomics tools and an epigenetic approach”
Nautilus Biosciences Canada Inc.
ATER (teaching and research assistant) in Pharmacognosy
“Production of communesins, cytotoxic alkaloids from a marine-derived strain of Penicillium expansum”
Faculté de Pharmacie/Laboratoire Mer Molécules Santé (EA2160), Université de Nantes, France
Project manager assistant (2010-2011, 9 monthes)
“Natural extracts screening for antitumoral activity”
Atlantic Bone Screen, Nantes, France
PhD in Marine Natural Products
“Fungal metabolites from marine environment: isolation and characterization of antiproliferative compounds produced by Penicillium spp.” Laboratoire Mer Molécules Santé (EA2160), Université de Nantes, France
Non-resident pharmacy student
Hôpital Laennec, Nantes, France / Hôpital Saint-Jacques, Nantes, France
Iowa Methodist Medical Center, DesMoines (Iowa), USA / Iowa Heart Center, DesMoines (Iowa), USA.
2005 (1 month)
“Phenolic acid and flavonoid aglycone analyses by GC/MS, spectrophotometry and antioxidant bioassay”
Division of pharmaceutical biology, Faculty of pharmacy, University of Helsinki, Finland

Carroux A., Van Bohemen A.-I., Roullier C., Robiou du Pont T., Vansteelandt M., Bondon A., Zalouk-Vergnoux A., Pouchus Y. F., Ruiz N., Unprecedented 17-residue peptaibiotics produced by marine-derived Trichoderma atroviride. Chemistry and Biodiversity, 2013, 10(5), 772-786.

Vansteelandt, M., Blanchet E., Egorov M., Petit F., Toupet L., Bondon A., Monteau F., Le Bizec B., Thomas O. P., Pouchus Y. F., Le Bot R., Grovel O., Ligerin, an antiproliferative chlorinated sesquiterpenoid from a marine-derived Penicillium strain. Journal of Natural Products, 2013, 76(2), 297-301.

Vansteelandt M., Kerzaon I., Blanchet E., Fossi Tankoua O., Robiou du Pont T., Joubert Y., Monteau F., Le Bizec B., Frisvad J.C., Pouchus Y.F., Grovel O., Patulin and secondary metabolite production by marine-derived Penicillium strains. Fungal Biology, 2012, 116(9), 954-961.

Ruiz N., Petit K., Vansteelandt M., Kerzaon I., Baudet J., Amzil Z., Biard J.-F., Grovel O., Pouchus Y.F., Enhancement of domoic acid neurotoxicity on Diptera larvae bioassay by marine fungal metabolites. Toxicon, 2010, 55(4), 805-810.


Egorov M.,* Le Bot R.,* Petit F.,* Grovel O.,* Pouchus Y. F.,* Vansteelandt M.,* Preparation of fumagillol derivatives useful for the treatment or prevention of bone tumors. Fr. Demande FR 2973376 A1 20121005, PCT Int.Appl. WO 2012130906 A1 20121004, 2012.