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Chris Cartmell

Wed, 08/07/2019 - 10:28 -- Jen MacPhail


Research Interests:

I am a driven natural product chemist with a strong interest in mass spectrometry and the discovery and development of new bioactive natural products and their analogues from both marine and terrestrial sources. Completing my BSc at the University of Bangor in north Wales, an area of outstanding natural beauty, cultivated my interest for natural products which lead to my PhD studies at the University of St Andrews under the supervision of Professor Rebecca Goss. My current research focuses on identification, isolation, and structural elucidation of novel natural products along with the development of accessing silent or cryptic biosynthetic pathways.


2015 - 2019PhD Chemistry, University of St Andrews, Scotland, United Kindgom

2012 - 2015 - BSc Chemistry, University of Bangor, Wales, United Kingdom


E. Pope, C. Cartmell, B. A. Haltli, R.G. Kerr and A. Ahmadi. Microencapsulation and In-SituIncubation to Improve the Recovery of Bacteria from Marine Habitats. In preparation

C. Cartmell, S. K. Wheatly, B. A. Haltli, R.G. Kerr and A. Ahmadi. Development of a Micro-Microbe Domestication Pod for In-Situ Cultivation. Submitted to Lab on a Chip

Z. S. S. Al-Taie, C. Cartmell, R. T. Froom, R. G. Kerr, P. J. Murphy* and A. van Teijlingen. Synthesis of (+)-(R)-Tiruchanduramine. Submitted to Tetrahedron 

E. Naseri, C. Cartmell, M. Saab, R. G. Kerr and A. Ahmadi. Development of NOCC-Starch Biomaterial Inks for 3D Printed Wound Dressing Applications. Macromolecular Biosciences. 2021 

A. L. Grunwald, C. Cartmell, R. G. Kerr. Auyuittuqamides A-D, Cyclic Decapeptides from Sesquicillium microsporum RKAG 186 Isolated from Frobisher Bay. Journal of Natural Products2020 

T. Alkayyali, E. Pope, S. K. Wheatley, C. Cartmell, B. A. Haltli, Russ G. Kerr, and A. Ahmadi. Development of Microbe Domestication Pod (MD Pod) for In-Situ Cultivation of Micro-encapsulated Marine Bacteria. Biotechnology and Bioengineering2020

C. Cartmell, A. Abou Fayad, R. Lynch, S. V. Sharma, N. Hauck, B. Gust, R. J. M. Goss. SynBio-SynChem Approaches to Diversifying the Pacidamycins through the Exploitation of an Observed Pictet- Spengler Reaction. ChembioChem2020

E. Naseri, C. Cartmell, M. Saab, R. G. Kerr and A. Ahmadi. Development of 3D printed drug-eluting scaffolds for preventing piercing infection. Pharmaceutics, 12, (9), 901, 2020 

C. Cartmell, C. Pubill-Ulldemolins, S. V. Sharma, J. Zhao, P. Cárdenas, R. J. M. Goss. Diversification Through Heck Cross-Coupling of Indole-Based Substrates in H2O: From Unprotected Halotryptophans to Halotryptophans in a Natural and a New to Nature Natural Product. Chemistry, a European journal. (25) 2019

Y. Renault, R. Lynch, E. Marelli, S. V. Sharma, J. Sharp, C. Cartmell, P. Cárdenas, R. J. M. Goss. Buchwald Hartwig Diversification of Unprotected Halotryptophans, Halotryptophan Containing Tripeptides and the Natural Product Barettin in Aqueous Conditions. Chemical communications2019

C. Cartmell, D. M. Evans, J. M. L. Elwood, H. S. Fituri, P. J. Murphy T. Caspari, B. Poniedziałek, P. Rzymski. Synthetic Analogues of Cyanobacterial Alkaloid Cylindrospermopsin and Their Toxicological Activity. Toxicology In Vitro. (44): 172-181. 2017

M. J. Corr, S. V. Sharma, C. Pubill-Ulldemolins, R. T. Bown, P. Poirot, D. R. M. Smith, C. Cartmell, A. Abou Fayad, R. J. M. Goss. Sonogashira Diversification of Unprotected Halotryptophans, Halotryptophans Containing Tripeptides and Generation of a New to Nature Bromo-Natural Product and its Diversification in Water. Chemical Science. (8): 2039-2046. 2017

S. V. Sharma, X. Tong, C. Pubill-Ulldemolins, C. Cartmell, E. J. A. Bogosyan, E. J. Rackham, E. Marelli, R. B. Hamed, R. J. M. Goss. Living GenoChemetics by Hyphenating Synthetic Biology and Synthetic Chemistry In VivoNature Communications. (8) 2017 



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